Blowing up Pumpkins for Halloween

Last week, Frank Gil and I were brainstorming ideas for our upcoming Halloween Harvest Parties with our Youth Groups, and got to talking about an idea that we felt other Youth Groups would love. So we tried it out to see how long it took, what would be needed, and how messy. You can watch it in the video below.

As you see, we used 195 rubber bands before it exploded. We bought the $2 quarter pound bag at walmart, and I had bought 5 bags though we only used about 2 and a half. It took us about 25 minutes to go from 0 rubber bands to 195, but we had a lot of stops, as well as going single rubber band for the most part (around 175 we started doing 2 at a time). If we had done 2 rubber bands the whole time, and had gone non-stop, I bet we could have done it in less than 10 minutes.

That said, this could be a great competition at a halloween party. Have teams race to see who can make theres explode the quickest. In the video, we weren’t wearing safety goggles, but we talked about that the majority of the time (I’ve got a weird thing with stuff hitting my eyes) and I’d recommend having students wear goggles just to tell parents you had students wear them. For us, it wasn’t an issue at all, it really isn’t an explosion or as messy as a watermelon, but you’re always better safe than sorry.

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