Weekend Recap for Oneighty

Last night was only the second time we’ve been able to meet with our Students in the last month. Here’s what we did!

Series: The Walking Dead

Tonight’s  Bottom Line: It is not God’s will for us to blend in to the crowd, but for us to stand out.

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Order of Service

Opener: You suck at Cooking – Maple Baked Salmon


Element of Fun: Dinoball

Marvelous Light – Hillsong

Even so Come – Passion Band


Beautiful – Phil Wickam

Forever – Passion Band

Small Groups


Post-Service Thoughts: We added a bit at the end of the message dealing with some inner group drama/gossip that has been plaguing a few of our small groups. Our key verse tonight was Romans 12:1-2, and we just scooted down and read 12:9-21 and the marks of a true Christian as well, dealing with the thought that in a zombie apocalypse, you don’t let your friend fall to the mob just because of temporary drama. As Christians, we need to look out for one another, fight for one another and alongside one another, because there is a Spiritual War going on all around us and at the end of the day, we are brothers and sisters in Christ.

So in small groups, we challenged students to find their 3, and write it out for their group. We want each student to commit to 3 people this year, the first being someone to grow with, so someone from their small group or their family or a good friend who is already a Christian, that they are committing to check in with each other, grow with each other, keep each other accountable. The second is someone to pour into, so someone they know who is a new Christian or interested in church already that they can commit to pouring into this year. The third person is someone to reach out to, someone who they know is not saved and has no interest in God, but someone they will commit to sharing their faith with at some point this year because they know this friend needs to hear about it.

We had a lot of good comments about this time, and a lot of comments that the rest of group was really low on the spiritual depth scale, which for this week we are just chalking up to it being Homecoming weekend for 3 of our big schools.

Whats Next: We start a 4 week series on Esther next week. I’ve done this series before in a previous church, and it’s one of my favorite series I’ve done so I wanted to do it again here.

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