An awesome tool for creating quick and cheap decorations

Many, many years ago, I may or may not have been involved with a prank of putting a giant picture of one of my roommates hanging above the cafeteria for all to see. I don’t remember much about  what the picture was that made it embarrassing for him, but I do remember it being about 15 feet tall, and using the school library to make it for free thanks to a great website that is still out there today. is an extremely easy way to make giant prints yourself. You upload any picture you want and set how big you want it, and in a matter of seconds, it creates a .pdf for you to download that prints as individual sheets you tape together to make the giant print. It takes a little bit of work to put together, but is simple enough to have it turn out really well.

We used it last night to make a map of our ministry area that was 5 feet wide and 7 feet tall, and was a great element to our See You At the Pole pre-rally.

youth ministry school map

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