Youth Group Game: Nerf Duel

This game was a huge hit with our Middle School Ministry, and was super easy to set up and play.

Object of the game: 

Two students stand across from each other with nerf guns. A table stands between them with 5 cups lined up the middle. When the ref says go, students have to shoot the cups off the table onto their opponents side, whoever gets the most over wins.

What’s great is that one round usually only lasted about a minute, and we were able to quickly cycle through to let a ton of students play. Next time we play this game, we’ll probably do a mini tournament with 8 players to take a little more time in our program.

youth ministry nerf games

Setting up the game: 

We had students standing about 5 feet from the table. Our nerf guns were the zombie pistols that hold and fire two bullets, so we bought more, but then realized we didn’t need them as shots that miss the cups land by the opponent anyway, and it added the element of players having to chase down bullets to shoot.


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