Replay App Review

August 24, 2015     Jonathan Holmes    

Replay App Review

Youth pastors are expected to have a lot of different skills in a lot of different areas. This can be extremely draining for the youth pastor who is required to work in areas they are not gifted in and can steal your time away from areas where they are most effective. This is when technology comes in. Effectively using technology can allow you to succeed in areas where you don’t typically excel. Here is an app that has completely changed how I do video recaps.

Every great app solves a problem. First let’s look at the problem.

Video recaps are really important for youth ministry. Now that doesn’t sound like a very big problem, but this does:

  • Excellent recap videos take a large amount of time to edit/shoot
  • Excellent recap videos require at minimum a familiarity with editing software
  • Excellent recap videos cost too much to pay someone else to shoot and edit

These problems have kept my face in Final Cut for the past 8 years and drained countless hours trying to sync clips to music. This is a big problem, but if you have an iOS device there is now an incredible solution that costs $1 and a few needed in-app purchases (remove watermark for $2).

Still not sure this is the solution for you? Here is our CAMP recap video that I did all on my phone. Added the pictures and clips, used their stock music (you have the option of using your own), shared it to our Facebook, and boom. Took barely 10% of the time it would normally and saved at least $100 rather than paying someone.

It’s time for you to change how you do your event recaps, senior slideshows, and even Instagram promos. In case you are wondering I get no monetary benefit from this and bought the app myself. I am just a deranged fan. That is all.

Go here to find out more or here to download it now

Looking to save time writing curriculum, creating graphics, or formulating a budget? Check out the YouthMin Store!

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