I Have Summer Interns Now What ?

This summer, you might be like our ministry and offer a summer internship. We are allowing three students to intern for the summer with our student ministry. All three of our student interns are involved and strong leaders in our ministry. Two of our summer interns are juniors, and we have one senior from high school. I wanted to give some quick tips to making sure you create a great summer experience for your interns. When you think about interns, it can be intimidating. By allowing interns into your ministry, you have an opportunity to shape that person and to give them an impression of ministry. So that is why it is so important to know what to do with interns once you have them.

1. Plan Ahead
Maybe you keep a to-do list. Each day, you start off by creating all the tasks you need to accomplish. Or maybe you create your to-do list at the end of your day.

The same needs to happen for your interns. Allow your interns to take full advantage of the time you have given them to serve and grow. This should be well thought out. If you fail to plan you will have a plan to fail. If you take each day and make tasks up as you go, your interns will see right through it. Planning ahead also communicates that you value them and their time. It also eliminates bad communication. Communication is vital to productivity and accuracy when it comes to getting things done.

Not only should you plan on day-to-day tasks and getting things done around the church, but also make sure to plan the discipleship piece. What are the leadership traits and truths you want to teach your interns this summer? What books do you want them to read? What is your plan for teaching them how to build a teaching outline or a devotional? Creating a plan or a map for day-to-day tasks and discipleship will set your interns up to receive a quality internship.

2. Learn To Give Away
Sometimes as leaders we have a hard time delegating and trusting others with tasks. Giving tasks away during the summer allows you to create more time to not only invest in your interns but also yourself. Maybe you want to write more content for the fall, do more long range planning, or fine tune your follow-up and connect ministry. Giving away tasks allows you to focus on the gaps that might have revealed themselves throughout the year.

3. Have Some Fun
Make sure you don’t overwork your interns. One thing you don’t want to see happen is a summer intern leaving your ministry burned out and empty with only memories of doing chores. Make time for fun. One fun trip we are planning with our interns this summer is a trip to Ikea. We are going to create a design space challenge where each intern will have $100 and a time limit. Their goal will be to get items to create a cool small group space for our students.

Having fun is not hard to do. It just takes a little creativity to make it happen.

4. Allow The Intern To Submit Learning Goals
One simple way to ensure the best internship for your potential interns is to simply ask them what their goals may be. When you give the intern an opportunity to share their learning goals, it helps you in the planning process of the internship.

If you are planning on having summer interns, what are some things you want to accomplish with them? What plans do you have to make your summer internship the best it can be for the interns involved?

Lastly, I wanted to include some things you can ask interns to do:

– organize you storage area
– paint the youth room
– organize files
– database
– teach
– sub for small groups
– any errand
– follow up
– set up events
– import lyrics to propresenter
– ice breaker games

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