This Is What We Did Last Night – 2.4.15


  1. […] To see the links and more go to or […]
  2. […] like Frank Gil does his weekly recap’s of what they do in their Youth Ministry, designed especially for Youth Pastors, we’ve been doing a preview video for our parents. […]
  3. Hey, I also play in our youth worship, but I have recently handed it over to a volunteer to coordinate it. I enjoy playing guitar and I play on the main team on Sundays. This is my first time watching, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do and I can borrow. Thanks
  4. Every once in a while, i Play guitar or drums with our group, but I try not to, so that Im not up there the whole time. Ideally, I'm only up there to speak. But I do love playing when I get the chance.
  5. I play guitar, bass, percussion, and sing. So it's tempting to be up there with the band all the time. But often I'm also preaching. So then it's the Brian show. Not cool. So we've built up some students to lead the worship under my guidance. Not just on stage, but we currently have 3 student worship coordinators (1 for HS and 2 for MS) who schedule the band and songs each week. I'm there for rehearsals, but they lead devotions and get everything set. Usually I'm not in the band, but sometimes I fill in when I'm not speaking or something. I love that. I love to be up there, but I love it more when students are expressing their gifts and I can help develop and encourage that.

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