Look Up (Simple & Fun Group Game)

I might very well be the only person who doesn’t know about this super simple and fun game. My long time friend Kristy in the YouthMin Facebook Group shared this amazing game. This is how she explained the game:

Look up- everyone stands in a circle. One person says “1, 2, 3, Lookup.” Everyone looks up and stares at someone. If two people are looking at each other, they are eliminated until there is one winner.

Super simple right? The winner in my group got a prize ($5 gift card). You can easily play this like 3 times in your youth night and it will be fun each time. You can use this simple game graphic for the game.


Have fun!

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  1. Question: So how do you determine one winner? I would imagine that if you got down to only two players they would be looking at each other (I'm assuming a requirement of the game is that you HAVE to look at someone) and then they would both be out... Although if there's three players then only two would be looking at each other. So do you either end up with one or two winners? And what about if you have four players and two people look at each other and the other two people? Do you call a draw on the round and replay it? Just questions I had in looking at the description. I think I'll be using the game in our group :)

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