31 Books, Interviews, Sermons, & Articles About Racial Reconciliation

Here are a some links I found to be particularly appropriate for the discussion of racial reconciliation and I believe are fitting as we remember Martin Luther King Jr.

A Time To Speak – Kainos (If you do nothing else, watch this discussion. It is worth it!)

Beyond racial reconciliation – Anthony Bradley

The Color Barrier: The Gospel, Race, and the future of Christianity in America – Anthony Bradley and Soong-Chan Rah

Biblical Vision for Racial Reconciliation – Leonce Crump

Bloodlines – John Piper

Can a White Woman Marry a Black Man? – John Piper

Civil Rights 50 Years Later – John Piper

Engaging Race Face To Face – Lecrae

Foundations for Thinking About Race – John Piper

Free – Christianity and Race – Leonce Crump (Sermon)

Grace & Race – Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Good Grief: The gospel, race, and our experiences – Eric Mason

How Martin Luther King Jr. overcame “Christian” white supremacy – Russel Moore

How Would You Respond to Someone Who Thinks Whites Are Superior to Other Races By God’s Design? – John Piper

Moving toward racial solidarity – Anthony Bradley

One New Man – Bryan Loritts (Sermon at DTS chapel)

Race and the Christian An Evening with John Piper and Tim Keller, Moderated by Anthony Bradley – Bradley, Keller, & Piper

Race in America: Why the past matters – Thomas Willis

Racial Reconciliation – Eric Mason

Racial Reconciliation – Matt Chandler (Sermon)

Racial Reconciliation – Russel Moore

Reformed approach to racial reconciliation – Anthony Bradley

Roundtable Discussion – Ferguson, Race, & Privilege Part 1 – Darrin Patrick

Roundtable Discussion – Ferguson, Race, & Privilege Part 2 – Darrin Patrick

Ten Books on Racial Reconciliation and the Church – Amy Julie Becker

The Bible and Civil Rights – Kevin Smith

The sin of racism – Trilla Newbell

Tony Evans, Race, and the Bible – Desiring God

What Is Hindering Racial Reconciliation In the Church? – John Piper

Why Is Interracial Marriage Such a Hot Topic? – John Piper

Why do many are surprised at the state of race relations. – Trevin Wax


Martin Luther King Jr. – I Have A Dream Speech – August 28, 1963

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