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I often joke that though I spent 4 years in college courses, I grew the most during a 6 month period of my life where I was more like a modern monk, just consuming information from books, sermons, and podcasts. Something about having ready to go information whenever you want it makes it so much better, and that’s why I believe podcasts are so beneficial. But, in the Youth Ministry world, there’s been a lot that have started and faded out, or haven’t really been as applicable to a wide audience.

That’s why I love the new resource from Kenny + Elle Campbell, the great folks who are behind,, and several other great Youth Ministry resources. I’ve seen many Youth Pastors attempt the great undertaking that is blogging or sharing resources, only to fade out. But I think Kenny + Elle are well set up for the longevity needed, and they’ve got the experience in Youth Ministry to back it up.

There new podcast, YM Answers, launched today, December 1st, and they are doing a great giveaway to help get the word out here’s what you need to do:

First, visit and subscribe to the podcast.

Second, Write a few posts on social media about the big launch of Youth Ministry Answers. Just be sure to Tag Stuff You Can Use.

Third, Cross your fingers and wait! They’ll choose some winners, and the winners choose 2 prizes each!

Every post counts as one entry into the contest. And entries are unlimited! 

But, the best part, and my personal favorite, is the grand prize, which is a ticket to the 2015 Orange Conference. If you’ve read our site enough, or are a part of our Youth Ministry Community on Facebook, you know that we believe the Orange Conference is the one conference that is a must for every Youth Pastor. If you’ve never checked it out, this would be a great way to do so.

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