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If you follow me on Facebook, you might know that I just started out in a new ministry position in Northern Illinois, and I’m super excited about everything that God has in store. One of nice things about my new position is this huge loft we have for the Student Ministries staff, a huge open room with plenty of wall space, high ceilings, and a great view. But it needs some redesigning – fresh paint, better organization and layout, and some great decorations. I know there are ton of awesome Youth Pastors out there with amazing offices, and I’d love it if you wanted to share an image of what your office looks like in the comments below.

I know I already plan on incorporating a few ideas from the great series of posts that Elle Campbell did last year, but I’d also love to hear your ideas for what you would do with this space. Here are some pictures of how it currently looks:

painting your ministry office

We’ve got this big, flat wall that right now is green. I’ve heard that starting at green makes you more creative, but I’m not a fan of this shade.

youth pastor bookshelves

On one of the ends, we’ve got these bookshelves that run the width of the room, plenty of storage for books, just again, thinking I’ll paint to get rid of that green.

youth room painting

We’re over the gym, to an extent, so we’ve got this angled wall thats great for hanging banners/posters.

youth ministry seating space

Fairly big seating area for team meetings, student discussions, etc.

youth ministry office space

The other side of the room, our Jr. High pastors’ desk , the staircase actually goes down to the right to get into the gym.

storage ideas youth ministry

We’ve got this section for storage. I saw some pretty sweet DIY industrial shelves I was thinking about, but want something that can make this not seem so cluttered.

So here’s what I’m asking from you. I’d love to see color scheme ideas for an office that might go well with that brown carpet and couches. I’d love to see some awesome ideas of what to do with the wall space, and I’d love to see some great storage ideas for this section in the last picture. I’ve got plenty of my own ideas that I’ll also be sharing in the comments but wanted to hear from others. Plus, I figure I’m not the only Youth Pastor decorating their office (since we get asked a similar question in the Facebook community what seems like weekly). So share away!

Here are some of the ideas I’ve done in the past in my offices and will probably do again here, at some point:

student ministry decoration youth ministry calendar make custom dry erase boards youth ministry

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