3 Areas of focus in Youth Ministry Organization

June 5, 2014     Ben Read    

At the end of the month of July, I will finish my fourth year in youth ministry. I have learned some amazing things along the way, but something that I still struggle with terribly in is Youth Ministry organization. I believe that organization is key to running anything successfully, but it’s just not a quality that a majority of us youth pastors always pass with flying colors.

I believe that organization in Youth Ministry can be narrowed down to three fields:

1. Organization of Program
2. Organization of Calendar
3. Organization of Self

1. Organization of Program

This is something that has probably been the most difficult thing for me to learn. Youth programs are great! They can tremendously benefit students lives for the long term and set a solid foundation for Christ in their lives. However, a program unorganized is a ticking time bomb. Whether it be your Senior Pastor, Parents, Leaders in your congregation or the students themselves, someone will begin to notice flaws in an unorganized program. A youth program needs a general direction that they are heading towards, how they are going to get there and what will come out of the task of achieving that goal. I didn’t understand this in my first Youth Ministry position. I have begun to understand the importance of how this works to the benefit of everything you do.

2. Organization of Calendar

This is something that we all seem to struggle with, its something that we always have to do and more times than not at least one thing on the schedule will fall through. However, planning events and giving notice is key to getting students and parents in the door. About 2-3 months ago, I began planning out my curriculum schedule, my games, my volunteers and my events all a few months in advance. This allows the students and parents to have plenty of time to make their schedule work to fit your events in. The busier the season, the more you need to be prepared.

3. Organization of Self

Ahh, at last. This is the one that I didn’t want to write about, because its the one I can’t seem to get a structure going with. In all aspects of life (especially with how busy ours can be at times.) We have to prepare ourselves to allow enough time for all areas of our life. Family of course should come first, but sometimes it seems like we put them on the back burner to make that extra event happen. Structuring your self to allow time for everything you need to will not only help out with stress and planning but it will help out with ease of parents, students and your Senior Pastor. This happens in office hours all the way to the last minute pick up basketball game with your High School students. Often, I will try to pass things across my wife before I set them in stone but sometimes that is not an option. When scheduling your time in the office, your calendar and your other activities, make sure that you also make time for yourself and your family in the process. That is the quickest way to burnout and lack of desire, when you’re family isn’t on board with what you are doing.

Of course, this is a small list of organizational tips but there are many many more out there in the vast experiences of Youth Directors all over the world. What are some tips of yours?

This post was submitted by a member of our YouthMin Community, Brent Aiken is a Father and a Husband,  as well as the Youth Director for First United Methodist Church Fairfield in Fairfield, Texas. Brent just started blogging at Custom Youth Ministry and he leads a google+ hangout every week for youth pastors from our YouthMin.org Community.

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  1. brandonstarnes

    Great reminder! It is a challenge to manage all that comes with student ministry. Good planning also helps you to do more ministry than administration too.

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