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Growing up, I loved reading the book Ender’s Game, and I was thrilled when the movie came out this laster year. One of the key components that every reader loved about the book is the Battle Room, where armies practiced battle strategy in what can only be described as the greatest laser tag ever. So this past week, when this youth ministry game idea turned into the epicness that it did, I couldn’t help but think of how much it reminded me of the Battle room in Ender’s Game, though obviously there were no lasers , but because of the strategy I saw play out.

Our Youth group wanted to play dodgeball, but that would have been way too loud for a Sunday Morning in the room we meet in (we’re right across the foyer from the Sanctuary, which keeps their doors open). So we decided to play “Sit Down Dodgeball” and thats what this game is. We divided into two teams, and every had to place their chair within a marked boundary we made on the floor (so they wouldn’t be too far away to throw or be thrown at), and made the rule that if they got off their seat for ANY reason (including to get a ball on the ground) they were out. The game moved pretty quickly that first round, and it seemed like any other game, until we gave them the chance to move their seats to a new spot and one of the teams started epically strategizing, as in where to put their best thrower, the best way to place chairs so they would have the correct angle to block the most behind them, all of it. They destroyed the other team in round 2, and round 3 the strategy stepped up even more.

This is definitely a game we’ll be playing again in our youth ministry, and I’m sure your group would love it just as much as mine did. It’s best to play a few rounds, so the students can get more into seat placement strategy, and just know that as the strategy steps up, the likelihood of having one player on each team left at the end of the game for a 5 minute showdown goes up, so you might want some rules in place for that, such as 5 throws per side before its a draw, to keep things moving.


  1. This looks great. Thanks for sharing. Here's one in return - Modern Medieval Mayhem: It all evolved about three years ago. I drove all over town in mid-February looking for pool noodles and burger king crowns. Noodles cut in half (2.5 ft long) make great sword. Your crown is your life. Lose your crown (it gets slashed off your head) and you lose your life. We divided into two teams, drew boundaries, turned off all the lights inside of the church building, and said go.
  2. This sounds like tons of fun. My question though: what was the "marked boundary" like that they had to place their chairs in? Was it 2 sides (one team per side)? How big of a space did you use (per how many students)? This sounds like fun and I want to copy it!
  3. Hey Ben Great game my question is when they are sitting in the chairs, how do they avoid from being hit? or is it inevitable?

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