About a month ago I read an article by Carey Nieuwhof to his “younger self” in ministry about how to live and lead better.  As a young leader myself, I ate up the article and have read it weekly.

One point that resonated with me was #10:

Focus on productivity, and not just effort”

Sometimes we brag about how we worked a “60-hour workweek,” but let’s be honest: what did we really accomplish? Why is it a good thing that we work so much? Isn’t it possible to accomplish tasks in a shorter period of time?

As I was mulling over this article, my friend Aaron Helman from Smarter Youth Ministry approached me and told me he was obsessing over the same thing.  Aaron is amazing at resourcing youth workers, and used this obsession to come out with a brand new resource for youth workers: Essential Time Management.

Essential Time Management includes and is endorsed by tons of rock-stars in youth ministry: Rachel Blom, Josh Griffin, Chris Wesley, Jeremy Lee, Jody Livingston, and of course: Heather Campbell.

So please, click this link and sign up for the course!  It includes 8 sessions, coaching, and a bunch of other stuff. Additionally, if you use my special affiliate link, YouthMin.Org will send you a special resource.

Seriously, if you’re unsure–click it anyway and read more about it. I’ve personally reviewed the entire course and I’m not sure, but I’m certain, that a raise is in my near future because of my increased skill set.*

*I may have overexaggerated this part. Just click it.

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