Youth group game: Peanut Butter Pong

This is a really easy game to play and fairly easy to set up. You’ll just need a cheap loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter.

The way we play is with two teams going against each other, and this requires twenty slices of bread with peanut butter spread on them. You could play one player at a time with a race against the clock which would only need 10 slices covered with peanut butter, but we like to get more people involved at one time.

They way the game works is that the two teams stand on opposite sides of a table from each other, lengthwise, with 10 slices of bread covered with peanut butter in front of them in a pyramid shape (not stacked on top of each other, but laid out). Players will take turns bouncing a ping pong ball towards the bread on their opponents side. If the ball sticks to a piece of bread, the team with the bread in front of them must eat that slice. When a team no longer has any bread in front of them, they lose.

So yes, in case your wondering, it’s just like beer pong, only with peanut butter toast instead of red solo cups.



  1. any suggestions on what I could use besides peanut butter? I have a student with a severe peanut allergy, so we have to avoid all nut based products...including chocolate!
    • You could do jelly if you want the kids to still be able to eat it. It really just needs to be any substance that would stick to the ping pong balls.

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