My least favorite phrase in Youth Ministry

“I just teach the students what I am learning in my quiet times.” That statement really bothers me, for a number of reasons. I don’t think any Youth Pastor would argue that reading your Bible for sermon prep is good enough for spiritual health, and I don’t believe any Youth Pastor would openly admit to that in the first place. But why this statement bothers me is because it robs your students of Spiritual truth for their lives and where they are. It’s often said that a leader can’t lead someplace he has never been. If you’re learning something on Tuesday in your quiet time and preaching it on Wednesday or Sunday, you aren’t giving enough time to fully understand, and you’re more often than not, I presume, building up poor points to support the idea. Not only that, but I know the things I was learning as a High Schooler and the things I am learning now. To a great extent, we should be calling our students to a higher standard of faith and knowledge of Christ, but at the same time, I know the things God is teaching me as a 26 year old are not the same things my 16 year olds need to be learning. Get serious about what your teaching, plan it out. Don’t just rely on what God is teaching you, because your students deserve what God wants to teach them through you.]]>


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