4 Ways To Support Parents As Youth Workers

Do Not Create Another Event Unless It Has Significant Value.Time is valuable in a parent’s life. They have so much going on. So the question is, is having another movie night, that long Christmas party, or even that third Bible study this week healthy for the teenager’s family life? You adding too much stuff can actually take them away from the only time they have with their parents that day. This does not mean quit everything, but ensure the benefit outweighs the cost.

Teach Teens To Listen At Youth Group

Sometimes as teens, they get tired of being told what to do. They believe that it is time to make their own decisions, and to some extent, that’s very appropriate. After all, growing in maturity means becoming independent of our families as we become our own person. One of the best ways to practice listening is to repeat back to your parents what they said and to let them finish speaking before you say anything. We often think of what we’re going to say next while the other person is talking. Instead, teach them how to fully engage in listening and think of a response only after the person is talking.

Never Discredit A Parent

It does not matter if you do not agree with a parent’s decision or not. Unless the child is in harm’s way, you need to support the parents. This is not always easy because we have an outside perspective and can see how this is turning out. But we are not the teenager’s father or mother and we must remember that. We do not have to like what they do or say, but we need to support them as parents.

Know What Is Important To Parents.

You need to know what parents are teaching these teens so that you can be echoing these same thoughts. Not only does this create an environment and community of people teaching the same thing, but if you have these discussions with parents, they will know that you care what they have to say. This has the ability to empower and encourage parents in what they are saying and doing. Do you have any other suggestions of ways to support parents in your youth ministry?]]>


  1. I would also add, "Become their biggest fans!" Parents need a whole lot of affirmation and we should become their biggest advocates. "You are doing an amazing job raising John," or, "When I see how I want to raise my kids I often look at how you do it and learn from you." Comments like that go a long way.

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