The 2 Questions I Ask Every Volunteer Leader

all have to freak ourselves out in student ministry, but none of them them have ultimate importance.  Therefore, these aren’t the questions that should take precedence in the interview process; and therefore, they aren’t even necessary. For a while I would lead interviews with potential volunteers with job descriptions.  I thought that by doing this I was so cool and so relevant… but I was SO wrong.  They just needed two really important questions and my willingness to figure out the rest, as their leader.  I needed them to give me the pieces and then the drive so that I could put it all together. After talking to a lot of my leaders at Mariners Church these are the two questions I came up with.

1.  What are you passionate about?

2.  How much time do you have?

They may seem soft at first, but look closer; these questions are the backbone of all of the Junior High leaders we have.  I want to know what a leader’s passions are and what drives them.   I also want to know what their schedule looks like to fulfill that passion.  For every passion we can make a way to fit that in to Junior High Ministry. We as staff need to be the creative facilitators for our leaders.  They don’t know ministry, so they don’t know how their gifts and talents can be used in the ministry. That is why they count on us without even knowing it at times.  It is our role to help send them to action.]]>


  1. Great questions, Justin. I think you cover this with your first question, but I always think it's important to ask "how are you growing spiritually?" Gives you an idea how they focus in on their relationship with Christ and how they will disciple a student.
  2. Love this post! I think the reason we're so anxious to dive in with "Hey, are you a beaver, otter, golden retriever, lion, orange, green, harmonizer?" type questions is because we steep in student ministry and leadership every day. It's our tendency to go with big vision, goals, descriptions, etc., which all have their place, but sometimes we just need to start with step one. Saving this post, well done sir!

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