Running Apple TV on Multiple TVs

Have you ever wanted to run one Apple TV on multiple screens? Well you are in luck; today we are going to tell you how to do that easily. First you will need to know how many TVs you are trying to show your Apple TV on.  Once you know this you can figure out exactly what you need. For our sake we are going to use 3 TVs. 1 TV will be used to view our content in the office so we can see changes made immediately and know what is showing outside on the other two TVs.

Things you will need:

1 x Apple TV 1 x hdmi splitter 1 in 3 out. (This means you have one connection, your Apple TV, feeding into the splitter and 3 hdmi connections going into your 3 TV’s.) It looks like the image below. You can also find it on Amazon. [button url=”” style=”blue”] Amazon HDMI [/button] hdmi splitter 1 in 3 out   3 x TVs 1 x internet connection (hardwired or wireless) 4 x hdmi cables (these will vary in length depending on how far you are running the cable)

Putting It All Together

1.) Connect your Apple TV to your hdmi splitter with a hdmi cable. 2.) Plug hdmi cable into the “out 1” hdmi port. 3.) Plug “out 1” hdmi cable to your office TV. 4.) If you have not already done so, set up your Apple TV. 5.) Plug hdmi cables into the remaining ports, “out 2 and out 3″. 6.) Plug those two cables into the 2 TV’s that you wish to display announcement slides on. 7.) If you have not done so create your announcement slides in keynote on an Apple Device. 8.) watch video below: [button url=”″ style=”blue”] VIDEO [/button]  

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  1. Good post, Josh. Thanks for the ideas. We actually use AppleTvs, but I put all my announcement slides into Flickr, and use the AppleTV to pull the photo set with random transitions. Works great (most of the time). Just another idea.
  2. You know a Mac can send a signal to more than one Apple TV at the same time. Also, wouldn't it be prudent to switch the hdmi to Ethernet and then back to hdmi for long distances!
    • I'm looking at doing two separate streams to 5 tvs. 2 on one stream and 3 on another. It would be for preschool and elementary transition times between Sunday School and Worship. Would both Apple TV's have to transmit the same signal? How could your split them into 2 different signals?

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