Jr. High is NOT a Stepping Stone

versus being a place-holder, just waiting for the next gig.  We all know the difference. The Vision and Present Person will know what they want long-term, but are working all-out where God has them NOW.  They have passion in the present;  improving, driving, and developing themselves.  You will also see them developing a team and equipping leaders. The Next Gig Person is always building contacts so that they can find what is next.  Things are usually stagnate; they are always feeling that they deserve more, and they are not willing to try new things because in the back of their mind they are thinking they won’t be there to see it through. If you are the Next Gig Person, you should get out of  Junior High ministry right now.  I know churches where Junior  High is not that valued, and a lot of Junior High people are in that place. High School is sexy and cool.  College, well, they are a step away from being real church givers, right?  As for Children, if you have a great children’s ministry, then whole families will want to come as well. Junior  High sometimes gets the short end of the stick; but gosh, don’t do it just to do something or get your foot in the door at a church.  Not only can students sniff that out, but it will hurt the ministry long term. You can have other goals other than Junior High, and there is nothing wrong with that. BUT MAN O MAN, don’t become an empty shell in the Junior High until the “next thing”.  If that is you, shake out of it.  I don’t know when your next opportunity will come, but I  know your Junior High opportunity is right NOW… don’t miss it.]]>


  1. Amen, Justin. Passion in the Present is what Jr. Higher's deserve. Also, I think Jr. High is the most important time for a kid to have a present pastor/leader, because they're changing more in those 3 years than at any other point of their lives!
  2. Great thoughts, Justin, and completely agree. I want to shake Youth Pastors that openly admit they are taking a position just for the time being. Live your calling, and FIGHT for your calling.

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