Youth Ministry Roundtable #13

September 6, 2013     Ben Read    

By now, most schools should be back in session, and with that, most Youth Ministries have re-launched their Fall programs. So we’re coming back with all new episodes of the Youth Ministry Roundtable!

This coming Tuesday at 4:00pm EST, we’ll be live on YouTube discussing the best ways we can evaluate our Summer Ministry and what we can glean from those evaluations to improve this Fall. While our contributor panelists are discussing it live on video, we’ll also be running a TweetChat at the same time for those who want to chime in.

So save it in your calendar, 4:00pm EST on September 10th. And if you have any questions or topics you want us to cover, either in this roundtable or future discussions, we’d love for you to leave it as a comment below!

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