Airborne Ice cream

September 11, 2013     Ben Read    

Here’s a great game/event idea submitted by a member of our Youthmin Community, Aaron Thompson. I’ll let his words explain the event:

Last night was our kickoff night for the ministry year.  Our goal was to make space for new kids to plug in, and to make the night memorable and energizing for the year ahead.  One activity our student leader team came up with was Airborne Ice Cream.  Here’s what we did:

First, we served dinner inside around tables.  After dinner was over we passed out empty bowls and explained that the kids were in for an extreme dessert.  The basic idea was that the students would be served ice cream outside, and they could choose three options for how to be served.  They could go easy, medium, or extra hard.

Easy was just a station where they were given ice cream and toppings.

Medium was a space by the entrance to our youth area.  We have a low roof there (maybe 12 feet up) that we had placed three youth staff on.  They were ready with scoops and ice cream, and they started throwing balls of ice cream up in the air for students to catch in their bowls.

Extra hard was the really fun/creative part.  This zone was in the center of our parking lot, marked off by caution tape.  Students that wanted to do this zone (this was most of our students) went in to the caution taped area.  We also had youth staff with a three-man slingshot (that we had customized with a bowl in the pouch area for sanitation) shooting ice cream from on top of a hill.  The ice cream would travel about 60-80 feet high in to the air before coming down in the zone where the students were waiting for it.  The kids were catching ice cream with their bowls, but also started using their hands, shirts, etc.  They LOVED it.

In the end basically everyone got some ice cream, and along the way they had a great time competing for catches, dodging flying ice cream, and cheering and screaming.

Here are some pictures to help with clarity:

Thanks Aaron! We’ve got some more reader submitted games coming up, and if you have a game or event idea you’ve had great success with, we’d love for you to share it with us by emailing it to!

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