Youth Ministry Group Game: Sclaven

Here’s a game one of my adult leaders gave me that has been a blast to play, and is perfect from groups of 9-900, as well as appealing to guys and girls.


This game will require an open field, but if you have a smaller group, you could play it in a gym or Youth Room, depending on size, as well as goals. Whenever we play, we use a soccer field and place three soccer goals in a triangle pattern, like below: youth group game Break the group into three teams, and designate each team a goal, and let each team choose one goalie per 10 kids on a team ( so if you have 9 playing total, one goalie max, and that’s optional, if you have 90 kids playing, 3 goalies max, all optional). Game is played with three different colored balls, and you can have multiple of each color, it just again depends on how many are playing and how fast paced of a game you want. We always use a yellow ball, a red ball, and a purple colored ball. Red Ball – Only guys can touch Yellow Ball – Anyone can touch Purple Ball – Anyone can touch. Game is played with basic Soccer rules, but any team can score on any goal (other than their own, obviously). The Biggest rule change from soccer is that if the ball is bouncing, players can pick it up and run with it. You’ll need to set the mark before the game of how to tell between a roll and a bounce of a ball. Once a ball is picked up, it can be passed be throwing, it can be drop-kicked, it can be thrown straight into the goal. The one caveat is that if they throw it or kick it and it starts rolling, they can’t pick it up anymore. Choose a leader to stand by each goal to keep track of how many goals are scored, and for leaders who want to play, we added the rule last time that leaders can touch ANY colored ball. This is a great game to take a lot of time at an event, or to play on a retreat/at camp.]]>


  1. Yeah, I love this idea, can't wait to try it when our weather cools a bit, but I'm curious about the color rules also.
  2. We played this with our group but I used slightly different rules for the balls. Here's what I did: Ball #1 - Everyone can play with it as normal soccer ball Ball #2 - Only girls can play with it as normal soccer ball. Ball #3 - Everyone can plan with it with above rules EXCEPT they may not run with the ball. It worked very well with our group of 12 kids (and 4 adults)

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