Using Social Media for Ministry

Social Media and the Church, and in particular, I really liked this quote of his

Let’s be a generation that TAKES BACK the internet and social media for the Good of Christ, using them to share His LOVE and HOPE. Use your social networks for Gospel good works. We are called to tweet, post, pin, tumbl and digg all in the name of Christ.
Our Youth Ministry tries to really keep this mindset, and we use our instragram feed to post pictures that are meant to keep the theme of our messages in our students lives throughout the week. We post verses that are meant to be a 20 second devotional. And we have other things we try and do to use your Instragram feed for Ministry purposes. Odds are, if you have an Instagram for your Ministry, you do, too. But finding those images can be tough work. I’m blessed to have photoshop at my disposal, but not every Youth Pastor is. So what I thought we would start doing is every week on Friday’s, we’ll share the images we shared as a site, and you can feel free to use them in your ministries.

We’d love it if you shared your images as well!

If you make images to share on your churches feed or ministries feed, and you want to share them with other Youth Pastors, share the image in the comments and we’ll put it into the post. Together, we can make this a great resource for ministering to Teenagers through Social Media.

So, here are this week’s pictures from us so far:

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  1. I use an app so much lately, as I don't have access to a computer with Photoshop, or a computer for that matter. but pixlr express has become a life saver for me. I can take pics, add text, filters, anything else, sometimes just as good if not better than some Photoshop pics. hopes this helps someone

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