Guest Post: Quit comparing Youth Ministries

Galations 6:4-5 (NIV) Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else, for each one should carry their own load.

I read these verses in my devotions this morning, and I realized that I evaluate myself completely wrong.  It is easy for me to look at other youth pastors, other churches, and everyone of my online connections and get down on myself.  They have a better job.  They have more students coming.  Their church is much cooler.  Their book has actually sold some copies.  Their blog has way more visitors. Every time I compare myself to someone else I lose. The problem is I am holding myself to a standard that isn’t mine.  God has put me in my church, with the students and culture that it has, and has put a specific calling on my life.  Those are all specific for me from God.  That is the only “load” I need to be carrying.  I should test my own actions to that standard, not to what someone else is doing.  Am I fulfilling everything God has asked me to do in the context He has put me in?  That is the test I need to pass. If I test my actions against someone else, I will lost every time because I don’t know their whole story.  I only know what I see on the surface, not what happens behind the scenes of their life.  I heard it stated like this: “Don’t compare your behind the scenes footage to someone else’s highlight real.” I did steal that from someone, I am sorry I can’t give you credit for this amazing statement. Today, give yourself fully to the calling God has put on your life, and only compare yourself to that.  God has given you the standard for YOUR life, so carry your load and only your load.  If you don’t know what that load is, ask God and I am confident that He will tell you. Brian Seidel is the Lead Youth Pastor at Cloverdale church of God, and he used to blog at My End of the Deal. You can still follow him on twitter @brianseidel or buy his book, Flimsy Ministry.]]>


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