Free Game Idea: Seated-Basket-Foosball

August 20, 2013     Frank Gil    

I played human-foosball at a camp last year and loved it. I wanted to duplicate it, however, the amount of wood, space, and time needed to create such a thing would be too much for me to do. I forgot about it, and then last Wednesday as I was getting ready for the night, I forgot to come up with a game (story of my life). So I sat there and began to doodle in my Moleskine what it would look like if we played a seated version of the game where we use a ball and the goals are huge 33-gallon trashcans. After about 5 minutes of doodling I had it!

What you need:

  • Enough chairs for the amount of people.
  • Two 33-gallon trashcans (or something comparable like a large bucket)
  • a ball (I like the 4 square/dodge ball variety)

How to play:

The hardest part is setting everything up. Since this was our first Wednesday with the incoming freshmen, I asked the young boy and young girl in our group to pick teams. I used this as an opportunity for them to put faces with names as they pick players.

After teams have been chosen and divided, depending on how many students you have, you have to play with the way you set up the field. Luckily, I had a guy who plays soccer kind of help me make a reasonable field. On this day we had 30 students (a couple college leaders were sprinkled in there to even teams) I had 2 sets of 6 students facing each other in the middle. Behind them I had 2 sets of 3 students facing each other on both sides. Behind them I had 2 students facing the goals they were trying to make and then 1 goalie.

I know explaining that may have been terrible and I don’t have a diagram but I do have two Instagram videos from that night I have embedded. Excuse my laugh in the second video:

Once teams are set in place you throw the ball in the middle, just like you would do a jump ball in basketball, and then they go for it. Teams pass the ball to each other, and their goal is to get the ball over the other team’s goalie and into the basket. Here are some specific rules I would add:

  • Players facing each other and back-to-back should be about 2 feet from each other.  At no time can they touch the person in front of behind them.
  • The goalie should sit about 3 feet in front of their goal.
  • A person can only hold the ball for 3 seconds. (This encourages passing).
  • First team to 5 wins. (This wasn’t very high scoring but it was a lot of fun. If you have some ballers, raise the score to 21.)

This was my first time playing it, but I found ways to adjust it. We played outside because here in beautiful Arkansas, Jesus loves us more and made the weather in the late 60s early 70s that Wednesday Evening. It was great!

If you play this game let us know. Post it on Instagram and let us know you played it!

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