Teenagers, Addiction, and Youth Ministry

in Student Issues on July 18, 2013by Ben_Read

When someone like Amy Winehouse died, you saw it coming, it wasn’t a shock. This one is. My Pastor’s Son was invited to speak on the Today show about Drug Addiction, he runs a program here near Boston that helps those fighting Addiction get their life back.

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I’ve been fortunate enough to work in Youth Ministry in  4 different regions of our Country with different cultures, and have seen in my own experience a bit of what was talked about above: the typical student doing drug’s is not who you think they are. It’s not just the kids that look the part, and it’s a shame in our Youth Ministries to assume that it is. Drugs are more accessible than ever and more accepted than ever. We want to dive into the issues of what Youth Ministries can do about it, what Youth Pastors are doing about it, and so much more. But we also believe that even bringing light to issues is a start and a help. It’s tragic that someone with so much of their life ahead of them lost their life this past weekend to such a terrible thing. But there are others out there on the same path, and if they are not already, they will be involved with our Youth Ministries.   ]]>

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