Every Youth Pastor for Every Youth Ministry

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The big thing I’d like to say is: Thank You! We often get messages or comments that make us realize that not everyone knows something about our site, and that’s the fact that it’s completely run and managed by full time youth pastors running youth ministries that look a lot like the one you lead. Most of us are the only youth staff at our churches, and the time we put into YouthMin.org is completely on top of the time we already put into our ministries at our church. So our intention was to launch July 1st, but that date got pushed back by vacations and camps. Then we ran into hick-ups with getting the marketplace and main site to play nicely with each other, and we’re working on that when we realized we needed to just get the ball rolling and launch the new look. We’ve been trying to earn credibility in the youth ministry world so that we can be taken seriously, and when we launched last week an imperfect site, we felt a little bit like we’d lose a little bit of that. But so far, our stats and the interest in the site of continued the climb we’ve seen every month since launching in January of 2012. So thank you!

Every Youth Pastor and Every Youth Ministry

We think our new logo communicates ever greater one of our main intentions for the site, that every youth pastor has a voice, and every one of us should have a seat at the table. We look around and see a myriad of problems facing youth ministry, and as we transition into what MarkO named Youth Ministry 3.0, we need greater solutions than the opinions of a handful of authors. We need the voices of the youth ministries with 2,000 kids sharing what they have learned and are trying, but balanced by the youth groups with 1 kid and a part time youth pastor who are getting coffee once a week and going through the Bible together. We believe youth ministry can only grow and move forward if we do it together, and so everyone is a part of this conversation. We want feedback on the posts, we want guest posts, and we want you to join our tribe! If you haven’t already, join our Facebook community of 800+ youth pastors by clicking on the community tab at the top of the site.  If you want to guest post for us, send us your post and bio to info@youthmin.org.

Coming soon!

Summer is supposed to be a more relaxing time of Youth Ministry than the school year, but that’s a lie that most of us know all too well. We’ve got some things coming up to launch coinciding with the new school year that we are thrilled about. Youth Ministry RoundTables will be back, featuring more guests and more themes. Tweetchats will be returning! The Marketplace will be back up and cranking out tons of new stuff, with a new membership packaging that we’ve been working on the last few months to make it an even better resource for Youth Pastors. So thanks for dealing with the digital dust of our refacing, and thanks for helping make us a better site and resource for Youth Pastors. We’ve got a great conversation going, and we look forward to this coming year!]]>

HeatherLeaCampbell at 9:07 pm

You guys are doing a great job! The new logo is sickkkkkkkkkkkk. It’s hard to believe that a group of full-time youth pastors (who average 55-hour workweeks) with children AND transitioning ministries have time to do some of the crazy stuff that this site accomplishes. I’m so blessed to be on this team!


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