Discipling Girls in Student Ministry

June 3, 2013     Heather Campbell    

A lot of Male Youth Pastors can often feel lost when it comes to ministering to girls. From the basic questions of what kinds of games to play that girls would like to play, to questions of how can I effectively be a male leader in her life without creating any awkward situations?

More often than not, it seems like the easiest thing to do is just find a great female volunteer to be in charge of discipling teen girls, and having very little to do with that development. But we believe that girl students need a strong male leader in Youth Ministry as much as they need a strong female leader. That’s why we loved that Heather Lea Campbell hosted an amazing round table of some of the greatest minds in Youth Ministry who happen to also be female. This is 35 minutes that will make your ministry stronger, so give it a watch!

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