Youth Ministry Group Game – Shark Attack

May 22, 2013     Ben Read    

This game actually started out as a bit of a joke as a few of my Middle School Leaders and I were brainstorming games. We thought about how you could make almost any game 50x better in, middle school ministry, by simply adding pool noodles to it, how even shark’s and minnows would become an entirely new game for the students who play it every year in the pool, if you simply added pool noodles.

Then the joke faded and we thought “well actually, that might be fun to try.” So we did.

To play this game you will need:

– Pool noodles, but get the ones at the dollar store that our like 60″ long, and cut them in half.

– clearly identified boundaries for your game to be played in

Shark Attack is basically the pool game sharks & minnows, but the rules for that game vary depending on where you live, so we’ll set it up.

We set up an area outside in our parking lot that wasn’t too wide or too deep for our size group, and then had everyone line up on one side. We chose one person to start out as shark, and the shark got two pool noodles. During the game, the shark can move anywhere he or she wants within the boundaries, and the object is to tag the minnows as they pass. To tag, you simply whack them with the pool noodle.

A leader will say go and all of the minnows have to run from the side they are starting on, to the opposite side of the game area without getting whacked by the shark. If they do get hit, they have to stand in the same exact spot they were tagged in, and a leader will bring them one pool noodle. They can’t throw their pool needle to get others out, they can’t move their feet in any way to get other people out, only stand as stationary towers. The last minnow becomes the shark in the new round.


We played a few speed rounds of the game where everyone was free to move when they became sharks. These rounds were usually over fairly quickly, but what was nice about them, was because we played them after a few regular rounds, our students would primarily be concerned with getting their friends out first in these rounds, as opposed to the slower kids. So the winners of our speed rounds were, not every time, but often the students who were easy pickings with the normal rules.

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