Youth Group Game: Say the Same thing

So simple, we could play it tonight without needing too much time to set it up. The game is called Say the Same thing, and the app was created by members of the band OkGo. They do a great job of explaining how the game works in this video, which will be great to play for the students to set up the game before we play. If you didn’t catch it from the video, essentially, two people say a word they are thinking of. Using those two words, they try and find a word related to the combination, using the original two words as clues to figure out what the other is thinking. The object of the game is for them to finally get to where they can say the same thing. So tonight, we’ll get two volunteers to play, and we’ll have them play the game. We’ll have them on opposite sides of the stage with stacks of a paper and a marker, so they can write the words down and reveal at the same time. We’ll keep track of how many rounds it takes for them to say the same thing, and possibly have a few other sets of volunteers compete against the top score tonight, if we have time, or in future weeks. I’ve been having a blast on the iphone app version of the game, and would love to play a round with you. Add me on Facebook and find me in the game!



  1. Just to throw an idea out there, the way I'm doing is this, to get every student involved: find a partner, write down three random words on a notecard, number 1-3, play 3 rounds connecting corresponding word. First 3 teams to connect all 3 words win prizes.
  2. It worked out great for our group. Zach's idea below is a great one, but our students loved it and its a great upfront game with volunteers at the beginning of a service.

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