Youth Group Game: Scattergram

Stuff You Can Use, Instafeed Live.

How to Play this Youth Ministry Game:

This game is essentially the instagram version of the popular board game Scattergories (hence the name). To play, the teams are all given the same list of about 10 categories of things to look for, and we started the round by having our Student Ministry Instagram account share a photo of one random letter, with the 10 categories. Teams then have to find items that meet that category and start with that letter, then instagram a picture of it, tagging their team hashtag and the student ministry hashtag. We gave them about 8 minutes per round, and we played 3 rounds. This game can be played in a variety of ways: You can have it be equivalent of a scavenger hunt with students running around your church campus, you can have them stay in one room and look for images just on the internet, or you can have them search instagram for images representing the categories. Here are some examples of instagram images we’ve used with the categories: scattegories online use instagram for games play with instagram Related articles


  1. Curious, what did you do for students who had no phone or no Instagram account. We're they just "finders" of the items?

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