Social Media and Youth Ministry

April 9, 2013     Keith Parker    

If you haven’t heard, the Youth Ministry Roundtable is back, and we think it’s better than ever. One thing that makes it better? We also brought back the Youthmin Tweetchat! We hadn’t done a tweet chat in over a year, and we missed the community that brought so much! When we combined the two of them, we realized we had something special.

So here is the most recent Youth Ministry Roundtable, just keep in mind that this is only part of the conversation, there were a ton of youth workers on twitter chiming in along with the panel.

And while you’re watching, we’d love for you to subscribe to our new Youtube Channel, YouthminTV. We’ll be doing a roundtable live every Tuesday, but we’ll also have a number of other videos, and we don’t want you to miss a single one!

[youtube height=”332″ width=”590″][/youtube]

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