Christian Women Bloggers that You Should Read

in Grow on April 17, 2013by Ben_Read

YouthMin.Org Women Facebook Group, and this is the list they came up with!  I scoped them out and picked my favorites. Amy Jo- Brooklyn – Elle – & Gina – Jeanne – Kara – Kenda – Krista – Kristen – Leneita – & Lindsey – Margaret – Marjorie – Neely – Rachel – Rachel – Tash – …and myself, Heather – & right here at YouthMin.Org! I both love and hate blog lists like these.  I love them because they honor talented people and spread awareness to others about their awesomeness.  What is cool about this list is it’s collaborative–many different types of voices are here. I hate these lists because they always forget someone…and I will be no different.   So, in the comments, add your favorites!]]>

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