Heather's going to #SYMC!

  • A fantastic woman told me that I could share her hotel room, for free, since her husband travels and scored it for free.
  • A pretty cool youth worker had an extra ticket that I could have for free.
  • I won a free tank of gas from work.
  •   So.  I’m going.  I’m excited.  You should be too.

    Look for me there! Youthmin.org is doing a giveaway, you just have to find me to sign up! You could win an ESV Leather Journaling Bible, $50 gift card to the youthmin.org marketplace, or $10 gift card to the youthmin.org marketplace! Over $1500 worth of gift cards are going to be given away!

    But more importantly, you get to talk to me!  And I to YOU!  It is going to be GREAT! Also, keep an eye out on this site–I’ve been commissioned to blog about everything I do, see, and most importantly, learn. Let me know in the comments if you are going to be there! Tweet me @heatherlea17, or if you’re my Facebook friend, cop my digits off the page and call/text me!

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