How to know when to move on.

in Coaching on March 20, 2013

When to take the greener grass)  

How long have you been at your church?  

My hope and prayer is that you have been there longer than 3 years.  I hear the stat all the time that the average length a youth pastor stays at a church is 18 months. About a year and a half ago, I was heading into my 4th year of ministry as a youth pastor.  I remember thinking how awesome it would be if I was at the church for 10+ years.  A lot of my friends in ministry have been in the same church for over 10+ years and it would be a great feat to stick it out like that.  As I headed into that 4th year, I felt so exhausted, burned out, and to be honest like I had lost vision and the calling of why I was supposed to be in ministry.  This was a brutal year.  But, was I to move on?   How could I be certain that God would want me somewhere else? Over the course of those months I started to ask a few questions and here they are: Can  I keep going? Do I have what it takes to keep on going.  I kept asking this question.  I am the type of person who would stick it out.  I am tenacious.  I don’t like quitting easily. Am I called to this church/community?  Is God calling you to work in this community of believers?  In the city you are in?   I knew that my time was done at the church.  I felt passion for the city, and seeing lost people come to know Christ.  Looking back, I would be passionate about that anywhere.  I loved the Church I served in, and love the people still there.  It was time for a new start, and a new adventure. Am I growing in my walk with Christ, and as a leader.  This question was huge for me.  I knew that I wasn’t growing in my daily walk with Jesus, and I wasn’t being developed as a leader.  I was really stuck.  And looking back, I might have been stale for over two years!  I look at Romans 12:2, and understand that my mind needs to be constantly transformed by Christ and his word.  I was stuck, and pigeon holed into someone who works with just with students.  I am not just a pastor to students, but to the whole church.  I knew I needed to be in an environment that would allow me to go back to school, or allow me to attend one or two conferences a year, and invest in my as a leader today and tomorrow. What am I passionate about in Ministry?  This is a great question.  What would you do, even if you weren’t the paid youth worker?  Start thinking why you started in youth ministry in the first place.  Once I starting thinking about why I love ministry, I realize that I am called to it.  Once you break through that barrier and start to feel that passion for ministry, you will start to dream God size dreams again. If you are struggling with your church, or you don’t know if it’s time to move on.  Start asking questions. (This is apart of the series called: When to take the greener grass)

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