SYMC Day 1 Recap

in General on March 3, 2013

My Day of Networking I spent the day meeting people who I have spent three years stalking…er blog-reading.  I met people who are in the YouthMin.Org Facebook group, and had lunch with them.  I met some fantastic women in ministry (#womanyouthpastorswag) who I have “lady youth pastor crushes” on.  I then got to talk about blogging with some of the best bloggers I know!

Opening: General Session and Worship (Emphasis on Prayer)

I want to preface tonight with the fact that I had been concentrating on the spiritual discipline of prayer for the entire month of February, so how perfect was it for me, personally, to have a night focused on prayer? Rocked my socks off. I’ve been learning a lot about how, when we ask God for prayer, we need to BELIEVE it can happen.
  • That kid in your youth group who you feel will never have that come-to-Jesus moment? BELIEVE that God can work in his heart. Don’t give up.
  • That parent who is disconnected from their teenager? BELIEVE that when you pray, God can impact their life so that they impact their teenager.
  • You feel like your youth group will never grow? BELIEVE that God CAN make it grow.  Don’t give up praying for it.
  More than just BELIEVING that it can happen, BE IN CONVERSATION with God about it.  Don’t dump all your mess on him and then not listen to what he has to say. Be genuine. Be authentic. Don’t B.S. around with him. He knows your heart better than anybody, and he also knows how to HELP you better than anybody.  Let God be a part of the solution, and not just who you lament your youth ministry woes to.  After all, God is the creator of all things and all souls, why would you not include him when he has personally asked you to minister to those souls?

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What did you learn tonight at #SYMC? Tell me about it in the comments!


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