Leading Change without losing it by Carey Nieuwhof | Book Review

in Book Reviews on December 17, 2012by Ben_Read

Carey Nieuwhof is writing a Trilogy of books on Change for Church Leaders, and recently I got to read the first one, Leading Change Without Losing It .
If you’re involved in Youth Ministry in any way, I think this book is well worth the $5 it costs on amazon, and here is why:
I believe the frustrations that come from working toward Change have claimed too many good youth workers from the work they set out to do.
I talked on three of the major frustrations that come from being a part of a church staff a few weeks ago, and almost all of those have to do with leading change. The fact that we, as Youth Pastors, aren’t often able to do much about it, or at least within our time frames, just adds to the frustration.
Carey Nieuwhof brings his years of experience and wisdom as a Sr. Pastor to this book and offers great practical wisdom for leading towards change, and he does’t do it exclusively from the role of a Sr. Pastor. Numerous times he talks about the idea of feeling like we’ve hit that glass ceiling, that it feels like we have reached the extent of our influence in working towards change, and how we can move forward from it.
So go check it out. It’s a cheap , little book, you can download it instantly and read it in less than a few hours, and it will honestly help you out where you’re at, because it is a highly encouraging book to read through.

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