Best Youth Ministry Blog Posts of 2012 | The Ultimate List of Youth Ministry blogs

Here we go folks! We have, in our minds, the best most amazing resource for Youth Pastors, the nominees for Best Youth Ministry Blog Post of 2012.

Last year, we quickly learned how invaluable a list like this is as a youth ministry resource, and this year we think the same holds true. There are a number of topics covered in these posts by 70 different authors, and we can only imagine withe the expanded list, this will serve even more than last year’s list to grow Youth Pastors, no matter the years of experience.

We’ve loved watching the list form the last two and a half weeks, and to see how awesome it is that we have the best of the best of Youth Ministry, with years of experience in Doug Fields, down to several Youth Pastors who hadn’t even started in Ministry this time last year. And thats why we love this list, it’s one of the heartbeats of our site, the simple fact that every Youth Pastor has a voice, and Every Youth Pastor has something to bring to the table.

All that aside, there is a contest going on. Voting will start this Friday, December 7th, at 12:01 AM Eastern Time.

Last year, we had nearly 7,500 unique voters vote, and though we think the honor of being voted the best Youth Ministry Blog post by 7,500 people is quite the feat, we have some goodies for our winner as well. First off, the Amazing folks of Orange have given us a Ticket to the 2013 Orange Conference for the winner ($319 value), 10 hours of custom design work from the Youthmin Marketplace Team, $75 Amazon gift card, $50 Starbucks gift card, and an iPad Mini. With a few extra bonuses we’ll throw into the box being shopped, it’s a prize package worth nearly $1,750!

So here we go! Read these posts, and come back starting this Friday for voting. Voting for Round 1 ends December 11th at 11:59 PM Eastern.

*Oh, and one last thing. If you see a Youth Pastor/blogger on here you know, be sure to share this link with them to let them know they were nominated. Last year, several missed the first round of voting and were eliminated. 

**Also, as a reminder to those who missed this post, these blog posts were nominated by our Youth Ministry community of readers. Many of our favorite bloggers didnt make the list. We’d like to show formulas and stats for how this list was compiled, but it was just readers who said “I loved this post!”

Michael Bayne – Minor Changes can make a big difference

Joshua Gill  – How maintaining boundaries could save your ministry

Josh Tandy – Your calling is not time sensitive

Josh Evans – My top 5 epic fails in student ministry

Frank Gil – Calvinism and Student Ministry

Keith Parker – Arminianism and Youth Ministry

Ken Mcintyre – 8 reasons why students stop showing up

Kolby Milton – Is there a problem in Youth MInistry

Justin Knowles – Missions: Overseas vs. Local

Aaron Crumbey – Are we ministering to parents or just advertising to them?

Doug Franklin – Changing the perspective of your adult volunteers

Aaron Helman – 4 biggest time sucks in Modern Youth Ministry

J.C. Thompson – Evaluation learned from Pre-teen Ministry

Ben Kerns – Are Bikinis Sinful?

Paul Martin – Programs, Programs, get yet programs

Rachel Blom – Challenges of Postmodernism: Reaching the Unchurch

Mitch Miller – Dynamic Preaching in Youth Ministry

Ben Read – Loving your spouse the way Christ loves the Church

Jeff Bachman – Join me in the fight agains B.M.P.P.S.

Brad Cooper – I want to be Serious

David Bartosik – How Leadership Development ruins the Church

Gary Albritton – 6 steps to help you prepare to preach

Tim Schmoyer – What is the Role of the Family in the Local Church

Nathan Wells – Leading with Integrity

Jeremy Smith – 5 blog tips for churches to post quicker and easier

Matt Reynolds – Good example or Great Example

Terry Goodwin – What does Longevity look like?

Joshua Fuentes – The Future of Student Ministry

Andy Blanks – Discipleship Truth: God, Risk, and you

Phil Bell – Three Youth Ministry Priorities for Mondays

Andy Gill – The State of Youth Ministry and why we are failing as Youth Pastors

Geoff Stewart – 5 best practices for Social Media

Brandon Anderson – How to Lead Young Men

Neely McQueen – No Purple Ministry

Austin Walker – That New Guy #7 – How to write thank you notes that make people cry

Doug Fields – 10 “I can do that” steps toward developing Student Leaders

Jeremy Zach – What to Do When Your Youth Group Sermon Bombs

Brian Kirk – A Growing ministry is a dying ministry

Christopher Wesley – How Student Leadership Teams Hurt Your Ministry

Chrysanne Timm – When Youth Chaperones Go Rogue

Jon Berry – God Helps those who help themselves

Nick Farr – Youth Ministry Metrics

Brian Seidel – Do what you did at first

Jordan Easley – Cheat Sheet for Youth Pastors

Austin McCann – 3 Practical ways to be Missional

Jason Gaston – Reviving the Student Ministry Pulpit

Jay Higham – Why not to do what the “Other guys” are doing

Norm Tumlinson – About Loyalty

Brian Ford – It’s time for collaboration

Tom Shriver – 5 ways to improve your event marketing

Brooklyn Lindsey – The Temptation of Youth Ministry

Kara Powell – Leadership is a Contact Sport

Heather Lea Campbell – Why I work with Teenagers

Chad Swanzy – Rooting for the Bad Guy

Chris Bowditch – Are all Youth Ministry Jobs worth doing?

Marjorie Poff – Talking to someone who knows

Terry Weaver – Jar Jar Binks, Starwars, & reaching a generation

Gina Abbas – Can you really get a job as a woman in Youth Ministry?

Amy Jo Girardier – Being Patient

Jeff Cocanower – Just Say it

Mark Cox – Moving from Cell groups to Services

Josh Griffin – Parenting the Spiritually Orphaned

Jeff Simpson – Worship Essentials in Student Ministry: Beyond the bow-tie

Carl Jones – 7 Youth Ministry no-no’s

Matt Lawson – How to ask questions and get the job you want

Adam Mclane – Kidnapping students and other dumb things NEVER to do in Youth Ministry

Josh Robinson – Approach Students with Authenticity

Brian Berry – Increasing your influence in a weekend service

Matt Morgan – Ideas for Pre-teen Small Groups

Kyle Sullivan – What do you expect out of your Students




  1. Whoa! I totally don't deserve to be listed with these all-stars! I agree with Tom: lots of great posts to work through here. I've read some of them already this year. There are some heavy-hitters here!
  2. Whoa! I totally don't deserve to be listed with these all-stars! I agree with Tom: lots of great posts to work through here. I've read some of them already this year. There are some heavy-hitters here!
    • Hi Elizabeth, not sure if you saw already, but go to this post and you can place your vote. Thanks!
    • Hi Elizabeth, not sure if you saw already, but go to this post and you can place your vote. Thanks!

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