Best Youth Ministry Blog Post of 2012

It’s nearly the time of year where most Youth Ministry Bloggers start posting their top posts for the previous 12 months, the current year starts winding down, and everyone begins to look ahead to what will come.

Last year, we ran a contest on to find the best blog post about Youth Ministry in 2011 and thanks to your nominations, narrowed it down to a field of 32. This year, we think it can be so much better, but we need your help. We know that odds are, you have read some amazing content in the Youth Ministry blogosphere this past year, we know we have. It may be hard to remember your favorite post you have read, but we are opening up nominations wicked early this year to give you plenty of time.

For those that missed it last year, here is the basic rundown of what we are looking for and what is going to happen over the next few weeks:

Send in a link to your favorite blog post about Youth Ministry you read that has been published on or after January 1st, 2012 to before 9 PM Pacific time (Midnight Eastern) on Friday, November 30th. You can submit more than one post, if you there were 12 that you think are great, send them all in.

– Last year, we limited it away from the “Big Names” of Youth Ministry Blogging. This year, it’s open to any post from any site, as long as the focus is Youth Ministry. For instance, this post on the Resurgence deals with Youth Ministry and, had it been written this year, could be nominated, where as this one that doesn’t deal specifically with youth ministry would not be entered.

– The other important note about submissions, bloggers can not nominate a post they wrote. If they are a contributor of a group site, or if it was a guest post on their blog, they can submit a post from that site, but they can not be the author of the post being submitted.

– On December 3rd, we will publish a list of all of the entries with links to their posts, and we hope that you will read through as many as you can.

– Starting December 7th, we will open the voting, where every unique IP address will be enabled to vote once per round. Last year, Youth Pastor’s got their whole churches behind them in voting, which was AWESOME, but be aware that it wont count votes if you try and have multiple people vote from one computer.

– Voting rounds will last 2-3 days, a little bit longer over the weekends and over Christmas, and we will end with the Best Youth Ministry Blog post of 2012 on December 28th.

Just like last year, we will have an amazing prize package for the winner, that we are still putting together, but that will be worth nearly $1,500, including a Blog Redesign, Youth Ministry Branding Package, Registration to the Orange Conference 2013, $250 worth of Youth Ministry Books, and so much more!

Last year’s winner was Benjamin Kerns and Average Youth Ministry, who will it be this year?


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