Why Do They Do That? [VIDEO]

in Coaching on September 18, 2012by Ben_Read

Sitting home with a fever, about nine thousand Halls Breezers, green tea, and coffee, I decided to see if there were any TED Talks on the main page that caught my attention.  For those of you that don’t know, let me take a few sentences to drastically improve your life.  TED Talks are lectures on either Technology, Entertainment, or Design (TED) with a very specific time limit and a laser focus on their topic.  TED conferences feature a who’s who list on whatever topic the conference was organized to address, and they’re all available free on their website.  So…you’re welcome.
I went to their website and the first title I saw was, “The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent Brain.”  So it took me about 3 seconds to click, wait on the page to load, and begin the video.  Check it out below…

There are obviously countless implications in student ministry from the content Sarah-Jayne Blakemore presented, but what are some that come to mind for you?  I feel like this confirms a lot of things we see every week.  Things that make us say, “…so that seemed like a good idea because?” or, “I cannot believe I need to explain why playing dodgeball with the pool balls is not a good idea in the worship center,” or even, “I’m trying to instill a passion or a burden for their friends, and they just don’t get it.”  That being said, what do you think sticks out as the biggest application in your ministry in your context?

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