How To Find Great Youth Ministry Blogs

in Resources on August 21, 2012by Ben_Read

In April, several of the contributors shared their favorite blogs. These posts came out of the numerous conversations that we had and the discouragement that many of us could not connect with other youth ministry bloggers. It always seems like there is a hit or miss fashion. None of us have youth ministry down perfectly, people are always coming up with new games, better ways to do small group ministry, and presenting a deep and rich theology that is easily communicated to teenagers. Why not share the wealth?
Since we shared those posts, I have found numerous ways to greatly increase your RSS feed. The best ways to find quality blogs come through awesome articles that other youth workers have already read online that week and share them in a post with four to ten articles. It takes a lot of work to put these together (I know because I do the same thing nearly every week). without further ado, here are several resources for you to check every week to find amazing youth ministry blogs.

We want to encourage all of you to think about blogging. The more quality youth ministry voices we have online the better ministries will be empowered. This is the future of networking and we want you to get viewed as well as for you to share who you love to read. So in the comments below, share your blog and 3-5 blogs you love to read.

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