5 Blog Tips For Churches To Post Quicker And Easier

in General on August 9, 2012by Ben_Read

Churches have the possibility to reach so many people through the power of their blog. From the general “Here is next weekend’s sermon” or “Recap and discussion questions from Sunday” to daily quotes, Scripture, and photos or videos of your congregation. At the same time, for people that have never been to your church, they can look at your blog posts from the week that you have been posting and get a better understanding of the vision, heart, and theological foundation of your church.
Of course, that is just what a pastor needs, another to-do on their already overworked schedule. But below a list of five things to post where you can not only double or triple your ministry’s reach, but be able to that without having to do much more work.


Post your sermon prep work

If you are a dedicated hermeneutical and exegesis pastor, you know that what you preach on Sundays is only about 10-15% of what you researched, studied, and read up on. You are giving them the cream of the crop from your week’s studies. Instead of writing about something completely different than your Sunday sermon, have your blog posts mirror what you have learned from the day. Maybe you use what you blog about in your sermon, maybe you do not. If you take 2-4 hours a day simply to invest in your sermon, spend 20-30 minutes afterwards recapping it. I would love to read about the Greek and Hebrew of your topic, stories that may or may not make it into your sermon, and a more thorough understanding of the topic than that 20 minute sermon you preach on.


Share quotes and Scripture from your sermon

If you are giving a sermon on love for your enemies, share all of the Scripture and quotes that could make it into Sunday morning. WordPress blogging themes like Standard have great “quote” blog post layouts purposely dedicated to quotes. Share a little bit of Jesus’ word and allow the readers who will be there Sunday to spiritually prepare (and even be able to bring their own stories) for worship.


Show your love for your congregation

If you are truly wanting to show the heart of your ministry, what better way to share pictures. Take photos of Christmas and Easter service. Get pictures at the latest youth retreats and family nights. Capture the moments at service projects, mission trips, and outreach ministries to the community. Show off your Vacation Bible School and Adult Bible Fellowship classes. These pictures will invoke emotions, say volumes to what you truly value, and show the heart of what your church believes through the actions and smiles you share. It’s so easy, post one or two photos a day and build up your congregation.


Live stream services

All you need is a solid Internet upload speed, a quality camera that can be directly hooked up to your computer, and a Google+ account and you will be able to live stream all of your services for those who are out of town, shut up in their homes, or wanting to check out your church service. Simply create a Google+ Hangout, copy and paste the Google+ Hangout On Air code to your blog article and then let the service begin. Even better, when you are done, you will have a recorded YouTube video to share after the service is over for those who want to go back and watch it over again or missed the service.


Give your congregation a voice.

If you are already doing video interviews of elders, board members, small group leaders, or congregation interviews to show at church, why not make it just a little more produced, add a quick and easy introduction, and make it available for the blog where people can get a wonderful video of your church’s heart. Speaking on compassion? Interview those who were served and did the serving, edit it with background music and put it up for all to see. Introducing summer camps? Link to the highlight reel that you shared at the service. So easy and yet gives such a huge impact to your online community.

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