Youth Group Games: Fris-Tac-toe

We love Youth Group Games and love sharing them with you! This is a game I got inspiration for from Pinterest, but we played last week in our Summer Mid Week Program.

Essentially, think of shuffle board meets tic-tac-toe with a frisbee. We had several tic-tac-toe boards set up outside made with sidewalk chalk, and had two teams of two players face off on the boards in a best 2 of 3 tournament, which ended with one winning team (obviously, thats what a tournament does).

What you will need for this great Youth Group Game:

-Sidewalk Chalk (or if inside, masking tape) to make the board on the ground.

– 12 Frisbees per board, 6 of one color and 6 of another to differentiate teams.

Game play is pretty easy once you figure it out. Tic-Tac-Toe board about the size of a parking space is 15 feet away from the throwing line. Each team of 2 gets 6 frisbees of their color to play the game of tic-tac-toe with.

First team throws their frisbee, second team throws their frisbee, and so on until all 6 frisbees have been thrown for each team. At this point, players can go and retrieve their frisbees, and here is how that works:

  • If a frisbee is more than halfway in a square, its in that square (close calls we let be decided by both teams). If a frisbee is on a cross section of four squares, its not more than halfway in any one square.
  • Frisbees not in a square get removed to be thrown again in the next round of frisbee tosses.
  • If team A has 1 frisbee in a square and team B has 2 frisbees in that same square, team B’s first frisbee wipes out team A’s frisbee, leaving team B with one frisbee in the square thus capturing that square.
  • If Team B had a frisbee in a square that was later knocked out by another toss (by either team) they are knocked out of that square.
  • HOWEVER, the most important rule, when the round of throwing frisbees is done (all 12 have been thrown) and teams go to retrieve ones that are not on the board, if they have captured any squares, they can not lose that square. So for instance, team B captures a square, both teams pick up their frisbees and the next round, all of team A’s frisbee land in that square, giving them 6 frisbees to team B’s one at the end of the round. Team B still controls that square.
  • Teams play as many rounds as needed to win the game. If a team wins the game (gets three squares in a row) and the other team still has frisbees left, the other team still throws their frisbees and can block the win.

It seems semi-complicated, but it truly is one of the funnest new games I have played in a very long time. And its great for the summer.


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