The best way to ensure your Mentorship matters

in Coaching on May 31, 2012by Ben_Read

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A quick story

My Father taught my brothers and I all to play golf, and I can remember as far back as when I was 11 my dad taking us golfing quite regularly in the summer. He was always giving us pointers and tips, helping us know what the best club was for us to use depending on where we were in relation the the hole, and all in all, coaching us to be better golf players.
I remember when he would do these, we would all listen to what he was teaching us, but ultimately, we wouldn’t change too much about what we were doing in that moment.
It wasn’t until I started golfing alone when I lived at college during the summers that I had to recollect everything he had taught me, and I felt that I was playing better.
But the best improvement I ever had was when I had to actually train someone else. A few weeks ago, I was in a scramble with someone who had never played golf and was now coming to me with all the questions I asked my Dad as a teenager. “What club should I use? Why am I slicing? How can I avoid the wind blowing my drive way off the course?”
Quite honestly, the best game of golf I have ever played came the day I had to teach someone else everything my dad had taught me years before. In the moment, the training did nothing for me. Doing it on my own brought it all back out. But having to actually put it not just into practice but understand the “why” of what I was saying, that is when it truly clicked.

The Point

I walked away that day feeling elated at how amazing of a game of golf I had just played. But I also spent the ride home reminded of the simple principle that You need to not only be mentored by someone, but you also need to be mentoring someone else.
When it comes to Student Ministry, I have a group of students that I want to be personally pouring into, and I want all of our small group leaders to have a group of students they are heavily pouring into. But when it comes down to it, those students probably won’t have it all click with them until they are having to understand it in order to teach it to others.
The best way to ensure our students are growing in the Lord is to ensure they have plenty of opportunities to ensure others are growing in the Lord.

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