Do you need a Facebook page or website?

Facebook page or website

Do you have a facebook page or website for your youth ministry? 

That is the dilemma we face today.  How do you communicate to a culture that has grown up digital.  How do you communicate in a world where one generation has grown up online, and another has had to adapt and learn what it means to be online?  The quick answer is that you need both a facebook page, and a website.  That might seem like a lot of work, but here is why you need a facebook page and website.

Digital Natives

This new net generation has grown up online.  They live online, and they building community online.  One of the greatest ways to communicate to teens today is to communicate where they are.  Where are teens?  They are on facebook.  Communicating through facebook is a great asset for youth pastors.  There are different ways to communicate through facebook.  You can use a group, or a page, or an event.

Quick tip: When I post something on my facebook page, I ask my student leaders to all like it so that it stays at the top.  This is a strategy that has worked in the past for my youth ministry.

Boomers and Busters

Are your parents on facebook?  How often do they check facebook?  Teenagers will check their facebook multiple times a day, where their parents will check facebook multiple times a week.  See the difference?  Most likely a parent isn’t going to check your facebook page constantly.  What is a better option for parents?

I have found the best way to communicate to parents is through a website.  A website gives the parents a place to go.  Make sure that your website is the hub for every avenue that you communicate through.  Like your facebook page to your website.  Make sure that your facebook page is visible on your website.  If you are looking for another resource on communicating make sure to check out my ebook, 5 Ways to Communicate Effectively in a Digital World.

Whatever way you communicate online, make sure that it is up to date!  No one likes having a website or facebook page that has old information.

Do you have a facebook page or website?



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