Importance of Goals In Casting Vision

in General on May 8, 2012

Youth Ministry Vision Casting
Recently I have found myself in a lot of meetings with the topic of one thing : Who are we and what is our vision.
These types of meetings are great because you are able to gather around with those on your team and discuss what you want to be as a ministry, and, sometimes as a church. I have found myself wanting to answer that specifically for my ministry because I am starting from the ground up with no previous structure. This type of situation is a blessing in ways, but also frightening for a guy just getting out of college and thrown into ministry as being “the guy”. I have found that goals are something I needed to be reminded of and the benefits of having them in ministry.
Goals Bring Clarity
When you are able to develop and write out goals for a ministry, clarity happens. This is simple because when you see if on the paper, you are more likely to be able to fill in the space between what you have and where you want to go as a ministry. This is what I am walking through in my ministry and I assume in most ministries because whether you are laying the ground work of a ministry or coming up with ideas to make an existing one better, clarity is key to delivery of vision. When you are able to have clarity in what you want a ministry to look like and the purpose behind it, good momentum is a clear byproduct because your people can rally around what is going on and the vision being laid out.
Goals Unite Teams Around What Needs To Be Done
Ministry cannot be accomplished through one guy or gal and their strength alone. We are to come together and move forward building the Kingdom. When you have a team and the goals are laid out for all to see, each person can own certain parts of the process to help the overall group see the goals played out. Even if you are a Student Pastor without a student ministry staff around you, allowing others on staff help you can be tremendous in reaching the goals set out in your ministry.
Goals Allow Evaluation Of Progress
Again, when you have the clarity of what you want to be done in your ministry, you are able to look back in a few months and check yourself and the ministry to see how you are executing those clear goals. This allows for rejoice in the victories gains and also allows for adjustment in goals not yet reached. If we are going day to day without a way to evaluate our progress, we can fall into the trap of being lazy or getting frustrated because we can’t see the progress in our work and what God is doing through us.
I am convicted that I haven’t done this sooner, but encouraged as I am starting to develop goals and a mission for the student ministry I lead. I am learning that without a clear set of goals and how to execute those goals, vision is very hard to cast and gain support. I want to be able to speak vision to my students and leaders while having the ability to invite them to come alongside of us in the advancement of the Kingdom.
My question to those who are reading this would be how do you guys execute this among your team or individually and what are some ways that you successfully communicate this to parents, adult leaders, and students to get them on board with the direction of the ministry.

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