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in General on April 26, 2012by Ben_Read

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Here at Youthmin, we love Twitter. Our sites name is 100% inspired by twitter hashtags, we tweet about 15 tweets a day, and follow anyone and everyone associated with Youth Ministry we can find.
As of right now, we are only 19 followers away from 1000. This is huge for us, because being only 4 months old we didn’t think this would happen.
So we are looking for 19 more Youth Pastors who would follow us. Not because we want to stroke our ego and say “we have 1000 followers. #BOOM!” But because we love connecting with youth pastors, having conversations, sharing articles from around Youth Ministry. Our heart is to resource the snot out of Youth Pastors, Encourage them to fight for what they are called to, and Challenge them to great expectations.
So today, we are hoping to break that barrier of 1000 followers. And in doing a love of ours, were giving away some resources.   If you don’t already, follow us on twitter using the button at the top of this page. If you do follow us, then spread the word.
Tweet the following quote to your followers, and if we get to 1000 followers before the end of the day today, we’ll select a random tweeter and give them a sweet prize that we wish we could keep ourselves.
So here is what to tweet:

If you have any interest in #stumin follow @youth_min and join the conversation

And thank you for all your support. The growth of this site in a tiny four months has blown our minds. The conversations we have had on here have encouraged us, not as bloggers, but as Youth Pastors to continue growing, and we hope you feel the same.

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seventy8Productions at 5:59 pm

Man, you guys keep giving and giving! Love it! Thanks for doing this!

seventy8Productions at 1:59 pm

Man, you guys keep giving and giving! Love it! Thanks for doing this!


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