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By No Means Do I Have It All

I am a life-long learner and find that I can always find something new and creative from wiser youth workers. I have found that some of the best, most up-to-date material is online with youth worker blogs and am always looking for something else to add to my RSS feed.


Here Is My Top 5 List

  1. http://www.averageyouthministry.comThe content does NOT hold back and hits hard right up top. If you are looking for genuine and original posts that hit at material others would not go at, this is for you!
  2. http://www.andyblanks.comAndy is an accomplished author already with his company, youthministry360.com, but if you want to sample his ministry changing content, look no further than his blog. He has a heart for discipleship that will inspire you.
  3. http://www.morethandodgeball.comI love my man, Josh, and am always looking to his site for the creative content that he brings. With his team of interns and his smiling personality, he brings it with such great videos and youth ministry curriculum that this is a must follow.
  4. http://www.orangeparents.orgThe “Think Orange” concept is amazing and the fact that they have weekly blog articles is both inspiring and encouraging. Regularly, I pass these posts on to the parents I serve and use them in sermons or training sessions.
  5. http://www.churchm.agFull disclosure: I do write for them and while this content is not youth ministry specific, it brings a breath of fresh air to my creative spirit and sometimes gives me a good laugh. Love this community and these articles. Add them today!


What I Look For In A Blog

I am a blogging rules master and stick to what I like. I have too much stuff going on to waste my time with sub par blogs. That being said, here are things that I look for in a blog to not only add to my feed, but keep from unsubscribing.



Through everything else out the window. If you do not have good material, I just do not care. You can have crappy formatting, an unappealing blog design, and the worst challenge questions at the end of posts, but if your content is fresh, challenging, and top quality, I will come back every time.



Good blogs by natural are easily scannable. If you write about parents and youth ministry, I need to be able to fly through it quickly and see if you have something new to offer than no one else has said or approached the topic with. Use your formatting well and you will actually increase viewers quickly.



I like the blog formats how they currently are, but when you offer me a video instead of reading content, I am hooked. The fact that you are willing to go the extra mile and add emotion and character into your post beyond what words can express is awesome.



I am a resource scavenger, so if you have top-tier stuff to offer for me I will subscribe. It doesn’t matter whether it is free graphic series, motion backgrounds, curriculum, forms for ministry, or skit and game ideas. Just remember to keep up the quality.



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