Being the Gospel at the Orange Conference

being the gospel

I was struck yesterday evening while waiting for dinner to start getting served at the Arena to overhear a conversation between two arena workers, because the topic being discussed and the language being used clearly communicated these were two people who had not accepted the Gospel. How convenient that the message delivered last night by Reggie Joiner centered around the Gospel.

Now Im not one to think that because someone swears, it is an indication of where they stand with God, I think thats petty. But again, the conversation made it appear this was the case.

And I had to pause as I thought about the fact that these workers are exposed to hearing about the Gospel far more than most non-churched people anywhere else in the world (assuming they are non-churched). I mean, how many Christian Conferences come through here each year? Catalyst, the Orange Conference, Forward Conference, just to name a few.

So right there is 3 weeks worth of pure Christian teaching, Gospel Preaching.

The tendency, I feel (because I often feel it myself) is to come to a conference and hear great, amazing messages that leave us feeling renewed and challenged to go home and live these things out. But I think we need to do more.

It struck me to consider, how is it that these people can hear the gospel communicated by some of the greatest speakers we have today on such a regular basis, and yet still not feel compelled to explore it enough to impact their lives?

Unfortunately, Reggie Joiner captured the problem from stage tonight when he said “What if people really believed that Christians really loved them?”

I can’t help but feel these people must see Christians come in and hear these great messages and not live it out that they have rejected it.

So if you want to go home and put this conference into practice, awesome, thats great. But my personal challenge for myself, and for other attendees, is to not wait until I’m back in “reality.” If I won’t do it here, I can’t do it there.


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